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The property is located in San Ildefonso Villa Alta, Oaxaca. 4-5 hours from Oaxaca city, quiet village where spanish is the main lenguage, also you can hear Mixe, Zapotec and Chinanteco due that some residents are from towns around.

There is no WIFI but is close to internet's places.

The house has 3 rooms, 2 with interior bathroom and a simple one with external bathroom, kitchen and a simple living room, it should be noted that this is a house, not a hotel or a hostal, this is my family's house that
Habitaciones de la Sierra Norte, Oaxaca Cocina en la casa de la Sierra Norte, Oaxaca Sala en la SIerra Norte Oaxaca
TV and Radio. Microwave and fridge. The house counts with Local Phone.
Rooms on Sierra Norte, Oaxaca Bathroom in Sierra Norte, Oaxaca Living room in Sierra Norte Oaxaca
SImple bedroom with outside bathroom Private Bathroom  

SIerra Norte Festivities

There is 3 main festivities troughtout the year when is not the best time for visiting if you are avoiding noise, this is because as the house is at the center of the town is surrounded by the music bands sound and fireworks during the whole festivities. January 23th, third friday in eastern season and December 12th on Guadalupe's day are the dates that you have to keep in mind for booking.

This is a place for easy people. We prefer artist for this space but also if you are interested on nature and hiking or explore new communities that are different from the offers in Oaxaca common Tours, then this is the place.
The transport is not included, you can get to the town by Van or we can take you there directly and pick up when you finish your visit.
The Van cost is $140 pesos.
One to 4 nights - $26 USD per night, one person.
One to 4 nights - $ 36 USD per night, couple.

5 nights - $90 USD, one person.
5 nights

The cost per room is $20 USD per one person overnight, $25 USD per two people overnight. We prefer people involved with art.

The rooms are on the second and third courtyard space, there is wireless internet access, hot water in all rooms. Kitchen in common.